We only live once.

We only live once.

As Charlie Brown once said, “We only live once.” Or better still, as Snoopy said: “Error! We only die once; we live every day!” ~ Charles Schultz

•     Memories of that traumatic experience keep creeping back in and tormenting you?

•     Another night of tossing and turning, nightmares, and exhaustion?

•      Are you struggling with an addiction that is affecting your quality of life and that of your loved ones?

You know you need help, but you’ve run out of options.

I know exactly what you’re struggling with. Yet, no matter how difficult your situation seems to be, you can take control of your life. Don’t fear I’m here for you.

Let me invite you to come to our Center, where I’ll teach you gentle, fun-to-learn mindfulness-based interventions, which include gentle yoga stretching and different meditation techniques that will allow you to start creating positive, permanent changes in your brain.

Before long you’ll be able to ward off the flashbacks and nightmares, let go of the past, and gain control over your addictive behavior. You’ll start living the life you deserve. Clients who have taken advantage of my approach report relief within several weeks. If you feel that I can help, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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