By Means of Introduction

By Means of Introduction

Our Center is dedicated to the management of trauma, mental and physical abuse, and addictive behavior. This includes individuals who have experienced a life-threatening event such as a violent military combat experience, a natural disaster, a terrorist attack, a gun-shot wound, a serious accident, or a physical or sexual assault…  even first responders who help victims during such traumatic events.

Our approach to helping these individuals is to teach them mindfulness interventions, which are now known to create positive structural and functional changes in the brain ~ in other words, fix the affected areas of the brain through the process known as neuroplasticity.

As to my background, I hold a Ph.D. Experimental Immunopathology and am a Certified Mindfulness Interventions Instructor and Consultant, a Certified Life Coach, and Registered Yoga Instructor. I am also trained in Trauma-Sensitive Yoga, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy, and Mindfulness-Based Relapse Prevention. Furthermore, I served as a Medical Service Corps Office in the United States Navy during the Vietnam Conflict. I am the published author of Chaos & Bliss ~ A Journey to Happiness, Anguish and Joy ~ a Journey to Serenity, Mindfulness for the Common Man to Survive Trauma, Abuse and Recovery, as well as numerous peer-reviewed scientific articles. I am a frequent speaker at the Betty Ford Center for Addiction Treatment and the University of California, San Bernardino County.

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