Yoga for Golfers

Let’s face it, even if you just golf for fun, as a golfer, you are an athlete… you need to be fit and in good shape… and yoga should be an important part of your fitness regimen.

Neurobiological research has shown that yoga, combined with contemplative practices, dramatically improves every facet of the golf swing.

Yet, it’s amazing how many golfers, especially men, think that yoga is all about flexibility—saying “Oh, I’m too tight. I can’t possibly do yoga.” Well, that is exactly why you should do yoga!

This class is specifically for golf enthusiasts and golf professionals of every age… at every level of skill… with no previous yoga experience needed.

Although at the most basic level, all forms of yoga bear some similarity, this special class has been designed specifically for golfers—focusing on:

Enhancing muscular strength, flexibility, and balance

  • Core development
  • Calming the mind with proper breathing techniques
    that sharpen attentiveness and concentration
  • Hitting longer, straighter drives
  • Improving mobility and endurance
  • Minimizing the risk of serious injury
  • Increasing confidence and enjoyment
  • Enhancing performance—right from the first session

Here’s what some golfers had to say about these yoga classes:

"Dr. Casellas is incredible! I am now so much more flexible. His yoga sessions have helped me dramatically in strengthening my body.  Furthermore, I am now able to really concentrate and be mindful of what my body is doing right before I tee off—so much of what is essential in a good golfer." — HNB

“Outstanding practice! Just what I needed—food for mind, body, and golf.” GBH

“Thank you, Jaime. Yes! Your yoga has made me play better golf. It’s a shame that so few golfers recognize the value of a good yoga session.” — RL

Every Wednesday from 10:00 to 11:30 a.m.