Yoga for Athletic Performance for Men

This yoga is facilitated by by t g phillips, CFT. Its purpose is to help you engage in established and new poses to enhance your sport-active life! The 90-minute class features strength,conditioning, balance, and mindfulness poses.

As an athlete, there is no doubt that yoga improves performance by sharpening your focus, improving your breathing, and optimizing your endurance. Not to mention the fact that if relieves soreness and decreases recovery time.

The major anatomical areas of the body that generally need strengthening are the core muscles, the quads, hamstrings, and shoulders.

So, guys, no need to stop your your health club routines or getting up in the mornings to run five miles or so, or continue kicking and chasing balls around the court, but don't forget about yoga. It will save your body from breaking down with injuries. But, to re-emphasize, yoga will keep you energized and focused, so you can maintain a clear mind, while you continue to gain strength and flexibility of that well-honed body you have worked on so hard to maintain!