Myth 1: Only major symptoms of stress require attention. Wrong!

Some minor symptoms of stress, such as constant worrying, may result in serious health problems, such as high blood pressure, coronary heart disease.
Myth 2: Everybody experiences the same level of stress. Wrong!
Not everyone experiences stress the same way. Paying bills may be extremely stressful for one person, while for others such a task may be fun.

Myth 3: Stress is always bad for you. Wrong!
Some stress is necessary for survival. In an emergency short-lived stress kicks in, you react, you're out of danger, and the stress level rebounds back to normal.
Myth 4: It takes a lot of effort to learn how to control your level of stress. Wrong! 
You can learn stress management modalities that you can summon whenever you need, and once learned, you will never forget them. It's like riding a bicycle ⁓ once you learn, you never forget.
Myth 5: No symptoms, no stress. Wrong Again! 
You may never know that you are suffering from stress that may result in very serious physical or psychological illnesses. Or that may even lead to death.

Myths About Stress