Biodots measure skin temperature. They change colors as your temperature changes.

They are used when you practice mindfulness, especially the autogenics training where you become aware of the heaviness and warmth of the limbs of your body as described by Dr. Jaime Carlo-Casellas on page 67 in his book, Mindfulness for the Common Man.

The Biodot may be placed anywhere preferably on the dominant hand, just above the webbing between the thumb and forefinger. Yet you may want to experiment with different locations to see if there are significantly different results between one hand and the other or on warmer spots such as the palm.

Anguish & Joy

An inspirational and mindful journey on every page. Food for thought in a bilingual collection of profound poetry and insights. The author accomplishes to guide you through a story of the human condition with a wonderful artistic flair. An outstanding book for students of Spanish or English interested in the nuances of translating one language to the other.

Mindfulness for the Common Man — To Survive Trauma, Abuse, and Recovery

Our human experience is without meaning or unworthy of analysis until we mindfully recognize what it means to be happy until we question why we habitually inflict unhappiness on each other, where the seedbed of loathing and odium resides.

As you will find in this book, it is now well-known that mindfulness can help you reap a cauldron of benefits, not to mention reach higher brain functioning, as well as help with the management of emotional trauma, abuse, and addictive behavior.

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Mindfulness: To Learn that All Lives Can't Matter Until Black Lives Matter
That We All Descend from the Same Maternal Womb

We live in a society that for centuries has been challenged by the bromide and delusion that "All Men are Created Equal." Since its foundation, our country has been tested by three juggernauts - slavery, usurpation of territories, and puritanism, or if you will, the imposition of unwelcome, often pernicious, dogmas, all of which have led to the belief in white supremacy.

The thesis proposed here is that through mindfulness, we can become aware of who we are as Homo sapiens and begin to acknowledge that we are selfless, or as my philosophy professor friend facetiously used to say, "We are nothing but little blasts of flatulence in a big cesspool of humanity." We must recognize that all of us descend from the same maternal womb and that our purpose in life is to be happy, make others happy, and alleviate the suffering of those who suffer. Anything else we do in life is for naught or at least nothing more than trying to reach heightened levels of well-being.

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Biodots® (2) with instructions.

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Solo Contamos con Una Vida — Cómo Vivirla sin Sufrimiento

Nuestra experiencia humana no tiene sentido hasta que reconozcamos lo que realmente significa ser feliz, hasta que cuestionemos el por qué habitualmente nos hacemos da110 los unos a los otros. Todos contamos con un cerebro de donde emanan cosas maravillosas, pero donde también radican los nocivos cimientos del odio, el oprobio y la antipatía.

Solo Contamos con una Vida se enfoca en el hecho de que el ser humano siempre se encontrará en estado de profunda infelicidad mientras persista en la subconsciente practica de clasificarse superior al otro y se resista a la liberación del sufrimiento propio y ajeno.

Como verás en Solo Contamos con una Vida, la concienciación puede ayudarte a obtener una abundancia de recursos para aplacar tus sufrimientos físicos y emocionales, aumentando tu sentido de compasión hacia el prójimo y tu capacidad para aliviar y manejar los efectos de traumas emocionales como el abuso físico y psicológico y el comportamiento adictivo.

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