Yoga and golf are not necessarily two words that are associated with each other, right? Well, we’re here to tell you that they should be! We’ve added yoga for golfers to the offerings at our yoga center in Rancho Mirage, California to help you be the best golfer you can be, with a little time on the mat!

This might come as a surprise, but golf and yoga actually have a lot of similarities between them. Both take concentration, commitment and patience. Both can be…we’ll say…”unpretty” at times. And to be honest, both are humbling. When you think about it, they may just be a match made in heaven!


Why Yoga For Golfers Could Revolutionize The Game

Here’s how working on your crow pose on the mat can help you make a few more “birdies” on the course:


1. Flexibility and Mobility


yoga for golfers


Many people who are skeptical about starting a yoga practice say, “I’m not flexible enough for yoga.” Well, this is exactly why you should do yoga! Not only does it increase the isometric (resting) flexibility of your muscles, but it also improves range of motion flexibility in your joints.

What this translates into for your golf game is just what you need at the tee box: a better swing. A tense or tight body equals bad whipping action on the clubhead, and therefore less distance and less accuracy for the ball in play. When you start yoga for golfers, you’ll spend less time in the hazards and more time acing those shots.

2. Strength


yoga for golfers


It’s no secret that yoga makes you strong. Try holding chair pose for 2 minutes or doing 20 Chaturangas in an hour and you’ll see why. Yoga pits body weight against gravity to work all muscle groups of the body, with undeniable results.

This is great news, because more planks = fewer shanks! Core and muscle strength are paramount to your golf game. A strong core means stability for the twisting action of your swing, and muscle strength gives you the control and power you need to hit the ball with accuracy and speed. The strength of your core is just as important as the volume of your “FORE!”

Strong muscles also means protection for the coiling and uncoiling of your spine, and protection for your joints. Take a moment to think about all the joints that come into play when you swing: ankles, knees, hips, wrists, elbows and shoulders. That’s all the major ones, folks, so they’re important! Yoga for golfers is just the thing to make you a better golfer and to keep your body safe while you’re driving, chipping and putting away!

3. Balance


yoga for golfers


There are entire classes, nay, workshops dedicated to balance in yoga. We have arm balances, forearm balances, standing balances, one-legged balances. We do them to help improve our stability and get better over time. This is exactly what yoga for golfers will do for you.

Since golf involves a lot of centrifugal force on your body and intense focus on a singular point, yoga is the perfect training tool. Honing your stability during your swing is super-important for the accuracy of your shots. Your equilibrium and center of gravity have to be on point for you to hit such a tiny ball with accuracy! Yoga also helps you work on honing in your “drishti,” or gazing point to help you focus. Since the golf ball has basically the smallest ball of all the sports in the known Universe, I’d say this will come in quite handy when lining up those drives and putts.

4. Overall Athleticism


yoga for golfers


Although golf might move at a bit of a slower pace compared to some sports, golfers are definitely athletes. Therefore, in order to play your best game, you need to be fit! Yoga for golfers can be an amazing tool to help you become a well-rounded athlete.

A regular yoga practice can give you so many performance benefits:

  • Excellent muscle endurance- gotta love those side planks!
  • Cardiovascular fitness- Fun Fact: yogic breathing increases lung capacity.
  • Fewer injuries and faster recovery: a limber, well-cared-for body is less accident-prone and bounces back faster.
  • Also, yoga is an excellent recovery day workout in between long days of golf or as a break from your other workout regimens. To be honest, yoga is an essential part of your fitness routine! Added bonus: you could look great in yoga pants AND golf pants- a feat not many have accomplished!

    5. Focus (Not to mention, patience!)


    yoga for golfers


    Apart from the physical benefits that yoga can bring, there are also strong mental and emotional pieces that come into play. How many times have you sliced a ball into the trees and wanted to send your club sailing Happy Gilmore-style? Yoga for golfers can help tame your thoughts of wedge abuse and get your inner peace working for you during those challenging moments.

    Not only can breathing exercises and yogic concentration help when you’ve sent your third ball in a row to sleep with the fishes, it can also improve your chances of not having to visit the sand pits ever again. Calm, collected breathing and a steady gaze can do wonders toward improving both your long and short game.

    Whether you’re an amateur or a professional, yoga and golf can both bring you relaxation and peace; you just have to get in the zone. In this way, they may just be the perfect compliment to each other! Join us every Wednesday 10-11:30am for yoga for golfers. You’ll be a better golfer and a better athlete, but we can’t guarantee it’ll improve your cart driving skills after a few cold ones!


    Come See What Yoga For Golfers Could Do For You!



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