Do you consider yourself a relatively healthy person, but still have those few little pesky things like muscle tension or lack of energy that could use improvement? Have you considered yoga as a solution? Here at our yoga facility in Rancho Mirage, California, we offer trauma management yoga and meditation as an amazing solution to many of life’s issues.

Trauma management yoga applies not just to big trauma or PTSD, it applies to small stressors as well, as these can affect our health in seemingly benign but significant ways. Here are some sneaky symptoms of stress and trauma and how trauma management yoga can help keep them at bay:

5 Signs You Need Trauma Management Yoga


Trauma Management Yoga


1. Insomnia (Or Excessive Sleepiness)


Trauma Management Yoga


According to the National Sleep Foundation, 45% of Americans say that poor or insufficient sleep affect their daily activities. So sleep disturbances are a common problem. However, they are also an indication that stress or trauma are getting the better of you, even if you don’t realize it. This is important because sleep problems can lead to much more serious health issues down the road like obesity, high blood pressure, lowered libido, and general inflammation in the body.

Trauma management yoga and meditation have been scientifically proven to improve insomnia or constant fatigue. In past posts, we’ve shown you how Yoga Nidra can be the secret to better sleep. But our other yoga and meditation classes can help as well.

A regular exercise regimen such as yoga assists your body in maintaining healthy circadian rhythm, which directly affects your sleep patterns. Yoga can also help calm the infamous Monkey Mind so that constant thoughts and worries don’t keep you tossing and turning at night. Overall, yoga increases blood flow to the brain’s sleep center, relaxes your nervous system and minimizes stress and anxiety so you can catch those all-important zzz’s.

2. Constant Worry


Trauma Management Yoga


Sure, our modern world lends itself to overstimulation and constant busy-ness. So you may think that constant worry is a normal thing. You have kids, friends, work, a significant other, the world at large, and your own health and well being to worry about. But it’s possible to balance these things and not let them overwhelm you. Constant worry is not something you are obligated to deal with.

A regular yoga and meditation practice, especially one that is sensitive to trauma and stress, can help you develop skills to curb constant Monkey Mind. Our goal is to train the mind and improve the structure and function of the brain.

Each time you get on your mat or cushion and gently guide your mind back to the present moment, you are training your brain to settle down. This skill translates to your everyday life: when your mind goes into overdrive, you’ll remember to breathe and take things one step at a time. A calm mind is one that can prioritize information and tasks, and make it so that needless information and activities don’t crowd your thoughts.

3. Difficulty Concentrating


Trauma Management Yoga


We all have moments where we forget calendar appointments or we can’t concentrate on the task at hand. But excessive amounts of this can be an indication of too much stress or your brain responding negatively to trauma.

Just as trauma management yoga can calm your Monkey Mind, it can also help clear fogginess. The clarity that is achieved during moments of concentration on your mat can be summoned outside of your practice as well. People who practice yoga regularly report sharper mind function and more clarity of thought in general.

4. Indigestion


Trauma Management Yoga


While indigestion can be an indication of something simple such as a poor diet, it is also an underlying byproduct of stress. Ulcers, IBS and colitis have all been found to be triggered by stress or trauma. The occasional stomach ache or heartburn can seem trivial, but they may be indicators of something more serious.

It’s important to nip these things in the bud, and trauma management yoga can help. While this type of yoga trains us to be in tune with our bodies and what they need, many yoga poses can also aid digestion and calm inflammation body-wide, including the all-important digestive system.

Not only does yoga help organs function at their optimal state and cleanse your body of toxins, but a regular yoga practice can also help you make better choices about what you put in your body. According to the 2016 Yoga in America Study done by Yoga Journal and the Yoga Alliance, half of yoga practitioners say they live greener and eat healthier because of their practice. Yoga is truly an amazing way to heal your body from the inside out!

5. Muscle Tension


Trauma Management Yoga


Muscle tension definitely has many causes. It can be due to repetitive motions at work, inactivity, or just the simple aging process. But it can most commonly be linked with stress or trauma. Most importantly, left unchecked, it can escalate into some major joint and skeletal issues and increase how rapidly your body is aging.

Whether your muscle tension is associated with injury, stress or chronic pain problems like Fibromyalgia, trauma management yoga can improve or eradicate this issue! Yoga is specifically appropriate for muscle tension, as it increases flexibility and improves blood flow to your muscle and bone structures. Yoga can also help break up fascia and balanced muscle groups.

Also worth mentioning is that a trauma-informed yoga and meditation routine can improve the mental and emotional toll that chronic pain can have on you. These practices have been shown to reduce the effect of pain on the brain and allow sufferers to feel comfortable exploring pain in order to cure it from within.

While we specialize in helping people with past trauma, we also want to help everyone with stressors of all kinds, whether they are big or small. Just because our modern world causes physical and mental imbalances for us doesn’t mean we have to live with them. We can help empower you to live your best, most stress-free life with trauma management yoga and meditation. Come visit us in Rancho Mirage today!


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