Chances are if you’ve found yourself at our website reading this article, you’ve already begun exploring options for overcoming a traumatic experience from your past. You should be proud! This is a huge, brave step to creating a happy life for yourself despite hardships in your personal history.

But you may be wondering: what is trauma-management yoga, and why should I do it?

We are here to help! Read on to learn valuable information about how we can support you at our yoga and meditation center in Rancho Mirage, California.


Trauma-Management Yoga

What Is Trauma Management Yoga?

Extensive research has been done recently regarding the pathways of interoception in the brain, which regulate our ability to experience our physical selves. Scientists believe that this area is underactive in those who have experienced trauma.

Ideally, trauma management yoga is used in conjunction with traditional clinical therapy in order to address both the realm of the mind and the body, as trauma affects both.

Unlike talk therapy, trauma management yoga doesn’t aim to dredge up traumatic memories or feelings. Rather, it is the perfect compliment to talk therapy because it focuses on your relationship with the physical sensations in the body.

Gentle, client-specific classes are designed to use breath and movement to elicit a relaxation response and increase body awareness. This allows you to gradually become more comfortable in your body and person, which empowers you to own and control your responses to trauma and triggers for stress.


Trauma-Management Yoga

Negative Responses to Trauma

Trauma can cause a myriad of physical and emotional reactions that prevent you from living the full, joy-filled life you deserve.

Coping mechanisms that protect a body and mind thrown into fight-or-flight response:

  • Disassociation from the body
  • Emotional numbness
  • Shutting out or dampening sensation
  • Impaired memory
  • Acute or recurring stress
  • Joint and muscle pain or migraines
  • Limited range of motion including back, neck and shoulder issues
  • Disturbances in basic bodily functions like sleep, digestion and breathing
  • Social anxiety or shame
  • Self-harm or self-medication

These are all issues that may seem benign, but that can lead to much more severe health problems down the road. You don’t have to suffer through them. We are here to help you heal, get back to your true self, and live your best life.


Trauma-Management Yoga

How Trauma management Yoga Helps

Trauma management yoga is an invitation to explore your body, experiment with breath and movement and investigate your reactions. We help create a safe space for you to do this so you can work on feeling safe within your own body and rebuild a positive relationship with yourself and your experiences.

Within this program, you will learn how to calm your mind and regulate your physical responses to stress and trauma and in turn, your emotions. Natural rhythms within your brain and body will be restored, and you will gradually become more centered and grounded.

Much emphasis is placed on breath and its dynamics and mechanics to elicit a relaxation response. Poses focus on opening and relaxing areas where we hold tension, such as in the shoulders, back, and hips. We will help you become a more flexible human being, both literally and figuratively.

Positive effects of trauma management yoga:

  • Healthier responses to stress
  • Improved self-regulation
  • Improved self-confidence
  • Better sleep
  • Better overall health
  • Less stress and anxiety


trauma-management yoga

Who It Helps

Prior experience with yoga and meditation is not necessary for trauma management yoga to benefit you. If you’ve experienced any form of trauma, including PTSD due to warfare, spousal or sexual abuse, a car accident, grief, or natural disasters, trauma management yoga can help.

This type of yoga is specifically designed to compliment talk therapy. Our intake process involves an interview with you and your therapist to see if our program is right for you. This offering is especially beneficial if you feel like you aren’t quite ready to talk about your trauma. Beginning gently with body and breath awareness often opens up a safe path for discussion about memories and feelings.

Our trauma management yoga program is highly personalized to make it relevant for anyone who has experienced trauma of any kind. We ensure a supportive, safe environment for you to ground and empower yourself on your terms, and we give you tools to practice safely and comfortably on your own for continued personal development after your sessions are done.

If you’ve been struggling to cope with trauma and PTSD symptoms, trauma management yoga could be the perfect compliment to your other clinical treatments. Please explore our website for more information and to see how we can help you on your path to healing. We are looking forward to supporting you on your journey!


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