It’s likely that you’ve made some new commitments to being a “better you” this year. While we think you’re pretty great just the way you are, we’ve put together a few ideas to help you be more productive, confident and happier in your day to day life so you can accomplish anything!


10 Ways To Make This Your Best Year Yet


Morning Rituals

Morning Rituals

One of the most important ways to make this your best year yet is by starting off each day like it’s the best day yet! Mornings can set the tone for your entire day, so we recommend getting up early so that you aren’t immediately stressed about running late for anything. Take this time to meditate, read, take a nature walk or do other creative and/or mindful activities as it is also the time of day when your brain is most productive.


Conquer A Fear

There are few things that make us feel more powerful and accomplished than conquering a longheld fear. Whether it’s as extreme as skydiving, or as simple as a fear of speaking in front of others, find a way to put yourself in a safe situation where you can practice and overcome that fear. We find that the more often you put yourself in uncomfortable situations, the more at ease you become in them which can help tremendously to give you confidence in accomplishing any seemingly daunting goal.


Get A Life Coach

In order for athletes to excel at the highest levels, they need a coach. So if you want to learn and create an extraordinary life, the key is getting an exceptional life coach. A great life coach will help you discover your purpose and passions in life and find ways to help you use that drive to achieve things you never dreamed possible. Here at the Stress Management and Prevention Center, our founder has helped numerous people propel through limiting beliefs and doubts to achieve amazing things with their lives. You can learn more about our Life Coaching Services here.


No Junk Food In Your Fridge

Healthy Food

Food is the energy source for your body. If you’re providing it with junk food and low nutrients, then it’s not going to perform at its peak. Instead, keep fresh veggies, dips and healthy snacks in your fridge so when you are hungry, you’re forced to make nutritious and energizing food choices.


Do More Yoga

Do More Yoga

We’ve touted the benefits of yoga plenty here on the blog (see here, here and here). There’s no doubt that there are numerous positive effects of a regular yoga practice including improved cardiovascular health, strength and flexibility, as well as mental stimulation. We invite you to check out our schedule and join us for a mindfulness yoga session.


Connect With Old Friends

With all the social media channels available to us today, its now easier than ever to get in touch with what we thought were long lost friends. Find an old friend on Facebook and let them know you’ve been thinking about them and hope they are doing well.


Less Screentime

The average American spends nearly half a day staring at a screen. There have been numerous studies that have claimed that depression can be linked to screen time. It can keep you from positive face-to-face interactions, enjoying the outdoors and can lead to a sedentary lifestyle. By limiting your time staring at a screen, you can fully enjoy your immediate environment and live in a more present and grounded way.




One of the only things that feels better than accomplishing a goal, is going back and looking at all the trials and little wins it took to get you there. Journaling will not only help you to clear your thoughts along the way to achieving your goals for your best year ever, but you can use it as a resource to more effectively build upon for the following year!



We’re not talking about treating yourself to the spa or buying yourself the latest gadget. When we say self-care, it’s about meeting your needs first so you can better serve others. If you are having trouble sleeping at night and are fatigued all day, you aren’t able to provide as much as you would if you were well rested. Make sure that you have all your needs covered so you don’t burn out as sometimes you can do more harm than good.




Finally, one of the ultimate ways to ensure that this year is your best ever is to give. Science has linked giving to happiness in multiple studies. In one study, when one group of participants were asked to spend $5 on themselves and another to spend $5 on someone else, guess who reported being happier? Those who spent their money on other people! No matter how big or small, giving can be a powerful way to better those around you and make you feel good at the same time!

What are you going to do to make this year the best one yet? Let us know in the comments!


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