For partners who spend a lot of time together, whether you’ve been together for years or just a few months, stressful situations are bound to arise. The good news is that going through these stressful times together in a healthy way can help you grow as a couple in very powerful and fulfilling ways. Mishandled, they can damage relationships to the point of no return. We’re sharing a few tips to helping your special someone through stressful times as well as how to get through stressful times together.

How To Help A Partner Who Is Stressed

We often hear about how to deal with personal stress, using yoga, meditation, and healthy eating. However, when it comes to supporting a partner who is going through stressful times, there is little guidance offered. So how do you help a partner who is stressed?


Recognize When Your Partner Is Stressed

The first step to helping a partner who is stressed is to identify when stress symptoms. Everyone responds to stress differently. Some people become irritable and angry, others become distant and depressed, and some can become restless and overly excited. It’s important to know your partners stress signs so that you can identify symptoms early on before negative feelings escalate.


Manage Your Feelings First

In order for your partner to lean on you, you first have to be strong and prepared to take their weight. When you partner is stressed, it is very easy for these emotions to be transferred to you and it is very difficult to offer support from a defensive and vulnerable place. If necessary, take a few deep breaths to gain your composure so you can help your partner who is stressed from a place of love and compassion.


Ease Tension And Show Support

Partner Stress Relief

If your partner’s emotions are in an unhealthy place, one of the best ways to bring them back is to take their mind off the stressor by breaking their pattern of feeling stressed. There are typically triggers that will cause people to feel stress. You can use similar triggers to help your partner de-stress. Using your partner’s love language, you can contribute to your partner’s stress relief by showing support. Whether that’s giving them an unexpected gift, cooking their favorite meal or maybe even offering a simple soothing touch or gentle massage it’s important to know what your partner responds to best to break their stressful pattern and help them to de-stress.


Find Out What They Want

Many people in stressful situations will want to isolate themselves which can actually make them feel more anxious and depressed. Once the initial tension has subsided, simply ask your partner something supportive like “You seem like you could use some support. What can I do to help you right now?” By using a loving, non-judgemental tone your partner will likely open up about how they are feeling and what you can do to help. This not only helps to diffuse stress but also strengthen the relationship as your partner knows you are there for them even in hard times.


Work Towards A Solution

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The most important step to showing you truly care is the follow through. It’s crucial not to leave the conversation until you’ve committed to deciding on one action you or your partner can take towards wholly relieving the source of the stress or even better, taking that step together. Problems are a natural part of growing together. As you find solutions to stressful situations together, then you will discover new depths to your relationship.


Using these tips above, you can help support a partner who is experiencing stress. By offering help, you’ll also find that your partner will be more willing to help you when you inevitably experience stress in your life. We hope these tips help you to build a solid relationship with your partner founded on trust and loving support.

Do you have a partner who often deals with stress? Which of these tips do you find most insightful towards helping your partner deal with stress?


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