We can all use a little assistance when it comes to dealing with stress and solving problems in life. The dilemma is deciding what form of assistance will be most beneficial to you. Both a life coach or therapist are effective ways to help guide you through your life, but what is a better fit for you?

We aim to look into these two professional help services to bring you their differences so you can decide which is a better use of your time and money. Both therapists and life coaches can aid you in making positive life choices so long as they are highly qualified.

So let’s look at the differences between a life coach and a therapist and see what both have to offer.



Therapy or Life Coaching


Therapy is usually a long-term process where you work with a healthcare professional in order to solve problematic behaviors, mental issues, or emotional problems. A therapist will look into your past to examine what previous events in your life have led to the problems you wish to change. Therapists are regulated and must be licensed. They are required to obtain a certain level of education and training and must continue to prove their qualifications.


Signs You Should Seek a Therapist

If you are physically or mentally unwell and may be a danger to yourself or others, you should seek therapy. If you are suffering from things like substance abuse, problems with relationships, dealing with the loss of a loved one, or have experienced severe trauma, you should acquire help.

A therapist will help you overcome addictions, depression, and anxiety so you can live a more normal life. Because they are trained to deal with these situations, they will be more effective in treating you.

Avoid seeking a life coach if you are unable to take constructive criticism or are overly defensive. You may need to first work with a therapist to see what is causing you to act in this manner. Likewise, if you have deep fears or phobias that are keeping you from obtaining your goals, a therapist may be a better fit to start with as they can help identify the cause of those fears.


Life Coaching

Life Coach or Therapist


Life coaching is a process that may be short term or long term depending on the goals you wish to achieve. A life coach is a non-healthcare professional that looks to help you achieve your goals by helping you identify obstacles and personal traits that may be preventing you from achieving those goals. A life coach, therefore, focuses on the future and designs a path on how to get you to the future you desire. Certifications as a life coach are offered by the Coach Training Alliance.


Signs You Should Seek a Life Coach

If you feel generally healthy and good about yourself but believe you can achieve more with your life, then you should seek out a life coach. A life coach knows how to ask you the right questions and can design an effective path to help you reach your goals.

They will help you find what is blocking your way to your goals and will help reinforce a positive mindset that will allow you to believe in yourself. Common situations where a life coach can help are when you are looking to lose weight, change your career, achieve better performance at a certain activity, or become more financially stable.

If you are not easily embarrassed or ashamed of who you are, a life coach can be a great help in offering constructive criticism that will allow you to change what is needed in order for you to achieve your goal.


Key Differences Between a Therapist and a Life Coach

Therapist and a Life Coach


The main goal of therapy is to heal you and your problems whereas life coaching focuses on optimizing your personal self and performance so that you can achieve your true potential. If you feel broken or dysfunctional, you should seek out a therapist that will help you discover why you feel this way. A life coach, on the other hand, should be sought by someone who wishes to take their life to a higher level.

Therapy is generally more crucial to those in need of it as it aims to solve a problem that could have severe impacts on a person’s life if not treated. Life coaching is for those wanting to improve their life but isn’t necessarily required to maintain a functioning healthy existence.

A therapist will ask you a lot of questions about your history, childhood, and relationships, while a life coach will focus on the present and future. You will find that with a therapist, you will express more of your emotions and feelings. With a life coach, you will tend to focus on thoughts and actions to gain results.

You will find that in therapy, your therapist is largely in control as they are the expert. A life coach will tend to work with you as an equal partner where you can both interact freely with each other to achieve goals.

In many cases, you may find that you will need therapy and life coaching. You may require a therapist to begin with, in order to heal your past, and then a life coach later on, to help you focus on creating a better future. You need to focus on dealing with pain and emotional discomfort with a therapist before you can work on building personal strength and control over your life.


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