What are you looking forward to crossing off your to-do list today? Between work, family and social obligations, and accomplishing all the daily tasks that make your life work, many of us have no time for down time. So what we’re going to tell you now is going to sound pretty absurd: you need to add “Do Nothing” to your list. Sitting quietly in mindfulness meditation for even 5 minutes every day can make a huge difference in your busy life.

A regular mindfulness meditation and yoga practice could be the thing that helps you manage your hectic schedule, and can even create something we all look for: more time. Read on to find out why we know that, while you may feel too busy for yoga and meditation, this is the exact reason you need it!

Why Being Busy Means You Need More Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation


Alertness and Motivation

Alertness And Motivation

There are pros and cons to living in this modern age of technology. Information, people and the world at large are right at our fingertips whenever we want them. However, being constantly connected and bombarded with information can overwhelm us and cause burnout. And burnout can cause exhaustion and distraction and actually leads us to be less motivated, which can eventually be a huge time suck.

A regular yoga and mindfulness meditation practice can help counteract the effects of our busy minds. We’ve highlighted in past posts how a regular yoga practice can help improve your sleep, which is essential to alertness and motivation. Also, during mindfulness meditation, you gently train your brain to focus on the present. So while you cannot totally avoid the constant stimulation of the digital world, you can help your brain stay out of the fog of too much distraction by teaching it to stay attentive to what’s important.


Boosts Productivity


A fantastic side effect of boosting alertness and motivation: productivity goes up. And when you’re more productive, you save time. Efficiency is the best tool for a busy person. You can actually create more time in your schedule by being more efficient, which is kind of magical!

A regular yoga and mindfulness meditation practice will heighten your ability to concentrate and improve your mental clarity, especially when you get super busy and stressed out. Stress can cause mental fuzziness, but mindfulness practices can help counteract these effects by training your brain to focus on the present.

Meditation also helps your brain’s ability to prioritize tasks and interactions. When you improve your mental clarity, you improve your capacity for organization and also for resisting distracting urges. This means you’ll be able to spot a time suck and make a decision not to follow it. You’ll spend less time on interactions with draining people, online distractions and tasks that are not at the top of your priority list.

Daily meditation will strengthen your willpower so you have fewer distractions, and therefore have more time to do things that matter. You essentially put yourself in control of your time by paying attention to how you spend it. In a world of time suckers, that sounds like a breath of fresh air!


Improves Mental Health

improve Mental Health

Busy-ness can sometimes be a Band-Aid for dissatisfaction with life. Distracting ourselves from inner turmoil by staying constantly engaged in activity can actually worsen our inner issues. Even mild stress and depression can deplete your energy, making it much harder to be productive at work or at home. Mindfulness meditation and yoga can lower the risk of depression and other negative mental health issues and improve existing symptoms.

Meditation and yoga help you tap into that constant source of inner happiness so you can spend less time being bogged down by mental dysfunction and more time doing the things you love.


Physical Health

mindfulness meditation yoga

It’s a well-known fact that yoga is good for your physical health. Just like any fitness regimen, yoga and mindfulness meditation can:

-decrease stress
-boost immune function
-reduce chances of injury
-help you make better overall lifestyle choices
-help keep you generally strong and healthy

More time being healthy=less time spent sick or recovering from injury. Staying physically healthy keeps you in the game and ensures you aren’t wasting your time being down for the count with a virus or an injury.


Overall Longevity

Overall Longevity

The thing with an overly busy lifestyle is that it can cause stress that can actually decrease your lifespan. Stress has been known to increase the risk of developing life-threatening conditions such as high blood pressure, premature aging of cells, heart disease, dementia, hormonal disruptions and diabetes.

Here at our therapy center, we are well-versed in the positive effects that yoga and mindfulness meditation can have on your health and general well-being. Yoga and meditation can be powerful tools against the negative effects of stress. A regular asana practice helps keep your body active and flexible, and meditation has amazing effects on how your brain functions. There are even studies that say meditation can slow Alzheimer’s by keeping the brain young.

When we look at life, we all want more time: more time to get things done, more time to do things that make us happy, more time with loved ones. Not only can yoga and mindfulness meditation help clear your mind so you can prioritize tasks and save time in your daily schedule, it also gives you time by lengthening your life. That’s powerful stuff!

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