Blocking out time for meditation is something we all struggle with. Life is busy, and mindfulness takes dedication. But the fact that we’re busy is all the more reason to prioritize a meditation practice in order to make the busy-ness and stress easier to move through.

Now, if normal Joes like us are busy, imagine how busy some of our favorite ultra-successful people are. Some of them don’t seem to stop- how can they accomplish so much in one day? The surprising answer: Meditation. We’ve done a little research and have figured out how and why some of our favorite celebrities make sure to keep meditation in their lives.

10 Celebrities Who Meditate

1. Oprah

oprah 10 Top Celebrities Who Meditate
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As one of the most successful women in America, Oprah is a household name and has been for years. She says that the only way she can channel her best creativity, motivation and self is by dedicating at least one (if not two) 20-minute meditation sessions into her day. She’s been meditating since 2011, and says that she has seen meditation help her coworkers sleep better, have better relationships with their friends and families, and has helped them overcome physical ailments like migraines. She even recently collaborated with Deepak Chopra on a 21-Day Meditation Challenge.

2. Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs 10 Top Celebrities Who Meditate
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Although he’s no longer with us, Steve Jobs is another household name that deserves recognition on this list. As an inspirational businessman and creative mind of modern times, it’s no secret that Mr. Jobs used meditation to manifest his success. He found mindfulness meditation very helpful in reducing stress, gaining clarity, and enhancing creativity.

3. Sheryl Crowe

Sheryl_Crowe 10 Top Celebrities Who Meditate
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This down-to-Earth crooner says meditation has changed her life. Surprisingly, she claims to be very self-critical and super Type-A personality-wise, but you wouldn’t guess it by seeing her in action. This is because she uses meditation to “shut her brain off” for 40 minutes daily, maintaining that although meditation takes time, it actually creates more space in her day and helps her stay in a meditative mindset even when things get hectic.

4. Russell Brand

Russell Brand 10 Top Celebrities Who Meditate
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As a comedian and a bit of a spazz, you’ll be surprised to know that Mr. Brand swears by meditation to stay grounded and connected to selflessness. He has successfully used meditation and yoga to help himself recover from alcohol and drug addiction. Now 11 years sober, he even leads classes in a West Hollywood yoga studio when he isn’t doing comedy shows or taking on acting roles.

5. Madonna

Madonna 10 Top Celebrities Who Meditate
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Although at one time she claimed in a song to be a “material girl,” Madonna is far from that today. She famously practices transcendental meditation to strive toward spiritual peace, and it’s common knowledge that she uses yoga to maintain that famously awesome bod of hers!

6. Nicole Kidman

Nicole-Kidman 10 Top Celebrities Who Meditate
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Another fan of transcendental meditation, Ms. Kidman has been practicing since her early 20’s. She does her best to fit in at least 30 minutes each day, and uses power in numbers to help her reach her goals- she reportedly uses an app on her phone that allows her to connect with people all over the globe who are meditating that very moment right along with her.

7. Jerry Seinfeld

Jerry Seinfeld 10 Top Celebrities Who Meditate
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This famous funnyman openly declares that meditation is 100% responsible for his high energy levels and his ability to get so much done. Mr. Seinfeld has been meditating for over 40 years, and likens a good meditation session to a great night’s sleep. He even says that the only way he survived the 9 years he spent doing 22 episodes per year of the sitcom Seinfeld was his daily midday sessions.

8. Gwyneth Paltrow

10 Top Celebrities Who Meditate Gwyneth Paltrow
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Famous not only for her acting roles, Ms. Paltrow is also a well-known health nut who maintains a wildly successful wellness and lifestyle blog. She learned how to meditate in 2010 and hasn’t stopped since. She has even fundraised in the past to support the David Lynch Foundation to help promote meditation in education for children.

9. Ellen DeGeneres

<10 Top Celebrities Who Meditate Ellen
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We all know and love Ms. DeGeneres as a fun-loving do-gooder who uses her powers to fuel a thriving career as a comedienne and talk show host. So how does she keep up all that positivity and motivation? You guessed it- with meditation! She says that it’s the best way to reset when life gets crazy. I think we can all use a reset button from time to time!

10. Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant 10 Top Celebrities Who Meditate
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One wouldn’t necessarily equate athletic powerhouse with meditation, but Mr. Bryant uses his practice to keep his mind clear throughout the day. With so much to juggle as a former NBA player, full-time businessman and philanthropist, it’s no surprise that meditation is an important part of this celebrity’s routine.

Being a celebrity isn’t always easy. The film, entertainment, tech and sports industry are all chaotic and demanding and can be un-grounding at times. These celebrities and many more accredit a lot of their success to a consistent meditation routine. They’re setting a great example for the rest of us with equally busy lives, and it also makes us smile that famous people are spreading the word that yoga and meditation can help anyone achieve their goals for a happy, balanced life! How does meditation help you be successful? Who is your favorite yoga or meditation enthusiast celeb? Share with us in the comments!


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